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Ptolus session 11: 2007-09-30

Eek, Ptolus game tomorrow and I haven't written up last fortnight's session yet.


We picked up from last time with our protagonists trekking along the floor of the harbor, following the trail of debris left by the sahuagin. Sebastian's light spells held up for the hour or so it took to track it back to the coast and into an eel-filled submarine cavern. Heading inside rather than to the surface, the team ran into another pair of sahuagin, killing one while the second fled deeper into the network of flooded caves. Following cautiously (and appropriating one of the sahuagin spearguns) the team surfaced inside a huge air-filled cavern. Lantern light was visible in the distance; Sebastian had the presence of mind to douse his own light before surfacing.

Cale went ahead to recon, finding a group of half a dozen people in process of opening and searching crates salvaged from the Arrowhead. The sahuagin they'd flushed out earlier was in the process of warning the group's leader. The underlings were all spooked and muttering about a devil girl loose in the cavern. Cale returned to the team relaying that two of the guards had being sent upstairs to the manor . The decision was made to attack immediately, before the alarm was raised.

The fight was a bit easier that expected; as well as the two guards sent away to raise the alarm, two of the other opponents turned out to be slaves who immediately took advantage of the attack to turn on their captors. By end of the hostilities, the team was triumphant. One of the slaves was unconscious in their custody, an asarai (lizard man) with tiny bells attached all over his scales. The second (a Uraqi man) had fled during the battle, stolen a rowboat from elsewhere in the cave and shortly afterwards rowed past and towards a sea-level cave to make his escape, waving cheerily at Brother Logan in thanks.

Searching the rest of the cave, the team located another dozen large crates of shivvel and two smaller locked boxes, one of which Cale was able to open and contained a small fortune in gold coins. They also found Linele's glass coffin; it was empty however, broken open from the inside. Mali's handbag was just able to swallow all the coins and the second box wholesale. The Brothers used spears to perforate the oilcloth seling the crates of drugs, dumping them into the water. Logan salvaged bits of the crates to construct a rough and ready raft, hoping to follow the Uraqi back out of the cavern.

While the raftmaking and drug disposal was going on, Sebastian was checking out the remainder of the cavern. He found a well leading back down into the water. Unfortunately, it was the haunt of a venomous eel and he was bitten and nearly incapacitated by the poison. Brother Marcus decided to pull the team out at that point, piling everyone (including the asarai) on to the makeshift raft. On the way out, they identified the manor house above as belonging to the Balacazar organization.

By late afternoon the team made it back to the Docks district, and by evening hooked up with Old Sard and Seanus, who'd returned to port after they'd failed to return to the boat. The checked back in to the Sailor's Rest for another night, including the still-unconscious asarai.

Mali dreamed that night of tagging along with Sebastian and his girlfriend(!) Castalla as they hacked their way across the Abyss.

Fireday, 14th of Wind 721 IA

Logan and Marcus's long habit of pre-dawn prayers saw them waking up before everyone else. Marcus took the opportunity to write a report to the curate, then went downstairs for breakfast, finding Seanus already there and stuffing his face in stereotypical halfling fashion.

Logan checked up on the asarai, finding him to have recovered consciousness overnight. Considering him an innocent, Logan gave him his freedom. (Marcus was later somewhat nonplussed that no debriefing had occured.)

The rest of the morning was spent running errands: Marcus and Seanus rechartered Sard's boat for the day, Mali and Sebastian went shopping at the Underground Markets for spells and at St Gustav's for healing, Logan dumped a pile of confiscated breastplates at Grayson House and delivered Marcus's report, and Cale searched the Docks unsuccessfully for a better grade of lockpicks in order to open the second treasure box.

The team reunited at the docks and headed out with Sard and Seanus to return to the cavern beneath the manor house. This time sentries were posted however. Marcus pushed Sard down out of the arrow fire when hostilities started. Logan shot out the sentries' lantern, giving the team time to wade ashore and engage them. Seanus drank his potion of water breathing and vanished underwater. As before, one of the guards was immediately dispatched to warn the manor above. Sebastian didn't manage to fascinate the messenger with a our people have already secured the manor gambit, leaving it to his sister to use expeditious retreat to run him down. She was no match for the guard in hand-to-hand combat, but she did force him to drop the key in order to draw his sword. She managed to finish him off by dropping part of her stash of explosives and using her fiery burst to detonate it.

That's where we left the session. Although the team managed to prevent runners alerting the manor above, the explosion was awfully noisy. Linech's daughter still needs to be found, and Seanus is AWOL underwater.


The XP tallies put everyone right on the cusp of level 4:

EL Encounter — Experience Point Awards —
Cale Logan Mali Marcus Sebastian
Total XP after session 10 4905 4842 5117 4917 5217
4 Encounter with sahuagin in flooded cave. (+25% award for difficult environment)
  • Sahuagin (CR 2)
150 150 150 150 150
4 Battle with Balacazar drug salvage detail.
  • Guards, warrior-2 (CR 1 ×2)
  • Thugs, warrior-1 (CR ½ ×2)
  • Sahuagin (CR 2)
300 300 300 300 300
1 Angry eel bites Sebastian.
  • Venomous eel (as medium viper snake, CR 1)
60 60 60 60 60
3 Return battle with Balacazar sentries
  • Guards (CR 1 ×3)
180 180 180 180 180
Total XP after session 11 5595 5532 5807 5607 5907

After the initial raid into the caves below the manor house, the team recovered 5000 gold pieces (about 1½ cubic feet of bullion weighing 100 pounds), and the locked metal box. They also appropriated a great deal of arms and armor, including Marcus's masterwork longspear and Mali's sahuagin speargun.

Next session on October 14th. Later today. Gah. I have to write these things in a more timely manner. I'm expecting burgonet to make a guest appearance at this upcoming session, seeing as he's in Brisbane for a wedding and wanted some gaming.

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