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Sebkha Solonchak

Ptolus session 18: 2008-03-01

I think I like bullet points for gaming session writeups. Let's try that again:


Picking up from last session's morning exorcism:

  • As the team headed out of the Temple District, they were hailed by cheering crowds. St Valien's Cathedral was blessing ranks of the crusaders, who were beginning to march today against the Nallish barbarians.
  • At Pythoness House, they found that the ratmen had built a toll barrier. Logan bought the team entry with a large wheel of cheese.
  • The team heaved Segginal's statue aside to reveal the basement entrance. Cale scouted down further into an iced-over sub-basement level, triggering the thawing of two minotaur chaos cult guardians. He climbed out before they were free, cutting the rope to prevent them following him out.
  • The team fetched two barrels of lantern oil and Mali's remaining half-cask gunpowder and firebombed the trapped minotaurs. Cale rigged up a rope harness so that Marcus and Logan could heave the unconscious minotaurs up and and hand them over to the City Watch.
  • The only way further down involved a passage flooded with icewater. Mali arranged to swap spellbooks with Neridoc, the gnome scroll-seller from the Underground Markets in order to get access to the spells the team would need to pass safely. She spent the evening transcribingresist energy into her spellbook.

Kingsday, 24th of Wind 721 IA

  • Mali continued her work, transcribing water breathing.
  • Logan remained at Pythoness House, attempting missionary work amongst the ratmen who'd been steadily gathering there ever since the place had been cleared of undead and demons. Some of the ratmen were interested in his plan to rehabilitate their status in society. Logan found the civil servants in charge of sewer maintenance totally incredulous of any such thing.
  • Logan bet the civil servants he could clear out the largest nest on their status board, and hired one of the ratlings to guide him to it. He talked their sentries into leading him blindfolded into the nest to meet their leader. She turned out to be a frothing cleric of the Rat God, entirely resistant to his best attempts at diplomacy. He was trapped in a 20' pit while trying to flee.

Airday, 25th of Wind 721 IA

  • Cale secretly met with his cousin Malkeen.
  • Marcus tried to pick up Logan from Pythoness House in order to prepare for the next foray into the basement, but discovered that he was missing. Despite difficulty with the ratmen's poor grasp of common Prustan speech, he discovered that Logan had left for the sewer with the ratling Squizzit. Squizzit was quite willing to lead Marcus to the same place for another shiny silver piece.
  • Marcus rounded up the team, descended into the sewer despite Sebastian's horror at the stench, and were guided to the ratling sentries outside the hidden nest by Squizzit. The sentries agreed to take just Mali, the least threatening looking team member, blindfolded to see their leader.
  • Mali tried to ransom Logan back from the rat priestess with the pearl of power, but the greedy priestess ordered her minions to simply attack Mali and take it instead. Mali reacted quicker, killing all the ratlings but the priestess with a fireburst. The priestess tried to flee, using a scroll of animate dead to raise the charred bones of the ratlings as skeletons to cover her escape. Mali managed to finish off the priestess and the skeletons with a chain missile spell by the time Logan managed to climb out of the pit. The two of them then fought their way out of the rat maze.
  • The team went to a bathhouse to get the sewer stink off of them (particularly Logan).
  • Mali had a nightmare about a pipe organ that night.

Waterday, 26th of Wind 721 IA

  • Logan visited the rat hunting civil servants again, admitted to losing the bet, bought them all a round of drinks, and then recruited them to help remove the ratmen from Pythoness House.
  • Everyone except Logan and Mali joined forces with the rat hunters to break the ratling toll barricade at Pythoness House.


The really extraordinary thing this session was Mali's exploits behind enemy lines to rescue Logan from the clutches of the Rat God. She ended up way across the line into sixth level, along with Brother Marcus.

EL Encounter — Experience Point Awards —
Cale Logan Mali Marcus Sebastian
Total XP after session 17 11859 10340 13933 14753 14033
4 Unnaturally cold sub-basement of Pythoness House
  • minotaurs (CR 4 ×2)
400 400 400 400 400
8 Logan's mission to the ratmen
  • pit trap (CR 1)
8 Mali rescues Logan from the ratman nest
  • ratlord cleric-2 (CR 4)
  • ratlords (CR 2 ×2)
  • ratlings (CR ½ ×17)
  • rat swarms (CR 2 ×2)
  • poisoned arrow trap (CR 3)
3150 3150
3 Breaking the ratman barricade at Pythoness House
  • ratlord (CR 2)
  • ratlings (CR ½ ×4)
  • dire rat (CR ⅓)
400 400 400
Total XP after session 18
  • Mali to level 6
  • Marcus to level 6
12659 13790 17483 15553 14833

Next game on the 15th.

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Just wondering!
I have heard that you are doling out... how shall i say this... "candy" from Vix's session.
:D :D

There's a long and proud tradition of Pavlovian food rewards in our gaming! Vix is using candy-coated chocolate buttons to track action points at the moment.

I was actually being metaphorical. Vix said you had recorded her entire session, and you were releasing chunks of it "like candy". :D
I didn't realize until I'd worked through my backlog to the relevant posting!

There's about 7 hours of footage of the entire session. I pulled out some highlights: roxxychan facing down the Silver Flame zealot, my character pulling off an impressive bit of swordplay, and Vix's dismay at the discovery it had all be recorded. I'll be happy to play you some choice snippets if we meet up during one of the Sunday art days at Campbell Marque.
delightful! I'm told this sunday is off while they Clean Things; there may be other events scheduled. My house is clean(er) now! You could come over and play us stuff!
My weekend's entirely clear (brisdrake is in Melbourne so there's no Ptolus game) so that's an entirely plausible prospect!
Post a session! :)

I wanna see whatcha guys do! It sounds interesting enough.
To be honest, recordings of gaming sessions are very much cases of You Had To Be There. Otherwise it's just hours of jumbled conversations and game-mechanical jargon referring to a map you can't see. The best option is usually to just ask someone to summarize the story later. Which they will: tabletop gamers just itch to tell their anecdotes.
Holy crap, where did you come from? Clearly you're an extract from my Aussie collection, but still, whooooo what where when why? o_O Are Vicki and company touting me out now? lol Or did you just find me via that lot's f-list? And dude: when you friend someone, let 'em know! (I have stalkers, therefore I am paranoid when names randomly appear in my lists.)
I think I added you because Vicki mentioned you were planning to visit here sometime in the future. Clearly I'm in excellent company with the rest of your stalkers!
Ahhhh. Yup, that's coming up here sometime next month. I flail most mightily at the OMF INTERNATIONAL EXPEDITION concept (I've never left the country before, to my memory; running across the border to Mexico for a day totally doesn't count).
I'm sure you'll have a good time. This is one of the less traumatic parts of the world to be a tourist in, and you have knowledgeable natives to show you around.